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National Planning Holdings INVEST Financial Corp

National Planning Holdings and several subsidiaries have been fined for directed broker violations. The subsidiaries that were fined are INVEST Financial Corp., Investment Centers of America, National Planning Corp. and SII Investments. If you believe you are the victim of National Planning Holdings fraud, or fraudulent practices by one of those subsidiaries, speak with one of our National Planning Holdings lawyers today. You can arrange a no-obligation consultation with the Law Offices of Andrew Stoltmann.

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Alex is a very aggressive and hardworking attorney. Alex settled my Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act case for double the amount my prior attorney asked for when the lawsuit was originally filed. I highly recommend Alex Loftus for any unpaid wage or commission claims. David R.
Alexander is a very detailed , highly educated attorney. Alexander represented me in a breach of Fiduciary and breach of contract case with a bank. Great job, great recommendations from Alexander on what to do and how to react to their nonsense and lies. we won the cases. Alexander really takes the time to make sure everything is done correctly and within the law. Mike M.
Attorney Loftus is prompt and highly skilled. I am an artist and he was swift to protect my professional work portfolio and contract with his knowledge of copyright law. Attorney Loftus is bold, professional and compassionate. Amber V.